Cantina vitivinicola Praesidium Prezza



How it’s made

The Ratafià is a liqueur that belongs to the traditional homemade cuisine of Abruzzo since time immemorial. The liqueur results from the process of infusing its’ all-premium ingredients, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Praesidium wine and amarene cherries, some found in the surroundings of our vineyards. Through this process the Ratafia is provided with its intense flavor and warm body. The alcohol content is 26.5% vol.

The origin of the name

The word ratafià derives from the latin phrase ut rata fiat, that expresses the desire to ratify deals or treaties. In ancient times Ratafià was consumed to toast the ratification of notarial agreements.

Suggested pairings

We suggest you enjoy Ratafià Praesidium at the end of your meal. This liqueur is best served chilled, at a temperature of about 46 degrees Farenheit (8-10 ̊C). Ratafià can be enjoyed by its own, but is also perfectly paired with a good selection of dark chocolates. In addition, it may be paired with ice cream, pastries, cookies, and various desserts, especially ones made with dark chocolate.

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