Porthos. june 2001

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PorthosThe wine tasting was held at the restaurant “La Conca” in L’Aquila[…]. The bottles were made anonymous. The wines were divided into three groups according to the price levels and qualitative ambition. In some cases we “shuffled the cards” for example introducing in a higher group a wine that we believed was particularly interesting: the Enzo Pasquale’s Praesidium.[Montepulcianod’AbruzzoPraesidium 1997]
It has got a beautiful, lively and dark ruby color. It features a charming smell, a mix of fresh touches of mint and herbs, warm touches of flesh, leather and licorice, fruity touches ones of dark cherries and blackberries. It is still young but it already boasts a great complexity. Its taste has got a beautiful texture, a remarkable tension and a great ending; it isreally amazing and clear how it recalls the blackberry and black cherry sensations. It was A powerful exploit, one of the best wines tasted with an excellent price. We predict a wide variety of emotions for the next years. It is alsoastonishing the endurance of the open bottle because of the increase of the smells and the dynamic of its taste. We suggest you to follow in the years the Reserve ’93 , matured in the steel. Since ’95 Pasquale began to use oak barrels of 10-15 hectoliters.
Porthos, June 2001.

From Porthos, June 2001.