L’Espresso wine guide 2010

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Vino-Eccellenza-Espresso-2005Those who estimate the austere and reserved nature of the Montepulciano “of the mountains” appreciate the savory Enzo Pasquale’s red wines , which are small jewels of authenticity, longlasting and lively as it hardly happens to be found. For those who seek a strong, authentic and uncompromised expression of the territory in wine, this small “presidio” of the Peligna Valley represents a trustable source.Beside the magnificent 2004 that hasn’t got a lower overall quality, the Montepulciano 2005 astonishes by its originality and the force it expresses. Anyone keen on red wines should try its tannic subtlety and the purity of its fruits. The balance between its astringency and its softness offers a unique sensation: it has got a velvety touch and at the same time a taste as sharp and precise as a laser ray. A first star for the winery is really deserved.
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2005 – 18.5/20 : dark (shady), visceral, complex, embryonic in smell so far, elegant, refined in its tannic component, astonishing for its subtlety and lingering, it is provided with an alcoholic ending and fades in an incredibly pure fruity flavor.
From Le Guide de L’Espresso, Vini d’Italia 2010