Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Riserva doc

The Riserva, a long-lived and complex red wine, originates from the maceration with the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grape skins and the long ageing period. Beginning with the vintage 1990, a wide selection of Riserva wines is available. The Riserva pairs very well with lamb, goat, pecorino cheese, game and with all the plates of the culinary tradition of the inland of Abruzzo.

In the vineyard


Kind of grapes
100% Montepulciano d’Abruzzo
Land area
5 hectares
Location of the vineyards
Western hills of Peligna Valley, Abruzzo. 1.247feet (about 400 meters) above sea level
Clayish, very rich with white calcareous stones
Very windy with low humidity and temperatures that fluctuate widely from very hot during the day to very cold at night
Method of plant installation
Cordon and spurs
Age of vineyards
25 years, on average
Plants per hectare
Grape yield per hectare
Approximately 12.125 pounds (55q)
Manual labour
Winter pruning, green pruning. The grass at the base of the vines is removed manually, by using the hoe (without any weedkiller)
Copper and sulphur (bio-products)
Manure, fava bean (or “sovescio”).
Occurs usually within the first 15 days of October. Grapes are harvested manually using small 20 kg (44 pounds) baskets to ensure they are not damaged upon arrival to the cellar.

In the cellar


Spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel barrels and maceration for about 12 days
Approximately 24 months in Slavonia and French oak barrels
Refining in the bottle
About 6 months
The wine is not filtered or pasteurized, it only undergoes natural decantation. Sulphites are added in considerably lower amounts than the maximum allowed for organic certification.

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